Proprietary Director (LUXGOAL 3 SARL)

Born in Paris in 1975, Benoît joined the Group in 2011 as Non- Executive Director of Opodo Limited an also previously served as the Chairman of the Group’s Audit Committee. He is currently a Partner and a member of the Investment Committee and Executive Committee at Permira. He currently serves on the board of Permira Holding Limited as well as the holding companies of Vacanceselect Group, Exclusive Group and Synamedia.

He previously served on the board and was the Chairman of the Audit Committee at NDS Group Ltd. Prior to joining Permira in 2006, he spent most of his career in leveraged finance including at J.P. Morgan in London.

Benoit was appointed as Proprietary Director (affiliated with the Permira funds) for the first time by the Shareholders Meeting held on 18th March 2014, and subsequently re-elected in the Shareholders’ General Meeting held in July 2017.

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