Mr. Poletti joined Ardian in 1999 and is currently the Managing Director of Ardian France in charge of the European Mid Cap Buyout for France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy. He has worked as the leading Managing Director on a number of projects, including Icare, Spotless, Photonis, Vulcanic, Titanite, Larivière, Cornhill France, Novacap, SIACI Saint Honoré and Anios. Prior to joining Ardian, he was the Head of Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments at DMC, a textile group, between 1997 and 1999. Prior to his role at DMC, he was with the Desnoyers Group (a copper tube manufacturer) in a number of roles and was a consultant at Solving International in Paris and Milan. He is also member of the board of Ardian France and Ardian France.

Mr. Poletti was appointed as Propriety Director (affiliated with the Ardian funds) for the first time by the Shareholders Meeting held on 18th March2014, and subsequently re-elected for a period of three (3) financial years, expiring on 31st March 2020, by the shareholders of the Company in the Shareholders’ General Meeting held on 28th July 2017.


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