Mr. Gray was Chief Executive Officer of PR Newswire, the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services until July 2016. From 2009-2015 he was Executive Director and CFO of UBM plc, a U.K. B2B media group listed on the London Stock Exchange. Before joining UBM’s Board in 2009, he was CFO of Codere S.A. Previously he served in a number of investment banking roles with J.P. Morgan & Co. and Deutsche Bank. Mr. Gray is a graduate of Dartmouth College (BA) and Harvard Business School (MBA).

As at 31st of March 2018, Mr. Gray held 10.000 eDreams Odigeo shares.

Mr. Gray was appointed as Independent Director for the first time by the Shareholders Meeting held on 8th April 2014, and subsequently re-elected for a period of three (3) financial years, expiring on 31st March 2020, by the shareholders of the Company in the Shareholders’ General Meeting held on 28th July 2017.


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