Response from eDreams to the statement by Ryanair

In response to the statement from Ryanair, eDreams notes the following:

This is not the first time that Ryanair has tried to damage the image and/or hinder the activity of online travel agencies, which provide users with a clear and transparent way to find the flight offers which best suit their needs, regardless which airline that may be.

The statement by Ryanair has been published at the exact moment that the company was condemned by the French Courts for social dumping. According to the Court of Appeal in Aix-en-Provence, the airline infringed French labour law between 2007 and 2010 by employing 127 people on Irish contracts at the airport Marseille-Provence, the airline’s main base in France. The court also upheld a past ruling from 2013, obliging Ryanair to pay a €200,000 fine and €8.1m in damages and interest to unions and the four pilots.

It should be noted that Ryanair has also been condemned in writing on various occasions by the Supreme Courts of France and Spain for unfair competition against eDreams and other online travel agencies.

On the 22 December 2010 Ryanair was ruled to have committed acts of unfair competition against eDreams by the Sixth Commercial Court of Barcelona (a sentence later confirmed by the Provincial Court of Barcelona on the 21 May 2012, and by the Supreme Court on the 29 October 2013). These rulings required Ryanair to pay compensation to eDreams and to recognise that it had committed acts of unfair competition by:

o Contravening Articles 7 and 9 of the Law against Unfair Competition

oMaterial breaches of conditions of sale, set out in Article 16.1 of the Law against Unfair Competition

o Breaching Article 5 of the Law against Unfair Competition.

As a result Ryanair was forced to publish this ruling in five Spanish financial newspapers, stating that it would cease its previous unfair competition and not repeat it.

On the 30 October 2012 the Supreme Court rejected Ryanair’s right to appeal against the sentences that upheld eDreams right to offer Ryanair flights online. This blocked Ryanair’s last route to appeal eDreams’ ability to access flights on its website and its claim that this was unfair competition that infringed the airline’s intellectual property rights.

oThis was in complete support of rulings by Barcelona’s Second Commercial Court on the 11 February 2009, and Barcelona’s Provincial Court on the 17 December 2009 in favour of eDreams, forcing Ryanair to pay its legal costs.

In respect to Ryanair’s claims of transparency it should be noted that according to the important website for customer satisfaction, TrustPilot, eDreams has a score of 8.8 in comparison to the 3.7 that its users gave Ryanair.

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